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empathy for human affairs, for men and women in the united states and abroad. and i think when you're a leader you have to be in touch with reality. the world's not a chess board. it is not some abstract game. it's about man and women. it is about men going off to war. women being, civilians being killed. it is about using force as a last, last, last resort. it's not about bluster and chess boarding. it is really about how to navigate a way forward in a complex and dangerous world that's safe and secure. and i think that's what the president showed. governor romney simply avoided reinforcing the positions he's tried to take in partisan presentations to play it safe. he wanted to sound like he was safe and secure. he mouthed the words, he repeated the phrases of the president. but the president's actually done it. he's made the judgments and decisions. there's a huge difference. >> well, there were quite a few points of agreement but also something that mitt romney repeated over and over again last night. here it is. >> we can't kill our way out of this mess. we're going to have to
's heading in the wrong direction. if you're president of the united states you'd prefer to have more people thinking that the country that you're leading is heading in the right direction. i think the president will do well tomorrow because he does well in town hall settings. i think mitt romney is also going to do well as he talks to voters individually about his efforts to bring back 12 million new jobs. we have 23 million americans who are either unemployed, un underemployed now. i haven't heard a plan with the president what to do with it. this record has been miserable for our country, our economy and for people who are looking for work. they still haven't been able to find it. >> there's another big issue and matt brought this up. that is libya. that has been in the news for more than a month now. something that will probably come up tomorrow night. here's what eelize gentleman cummings had to say about it yesterday. >> we have not heard from anybody who was actually in libya the night of the event. we've heard nobody that was in benghazi therefore in the night of the event. i think i
for president of the united states. >> he's the potus with the mostest. >> i'm joined now by variety magazine politics editor ted johnson. good morning. always good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> president obama's sixth appearance on a late night or talk show since august tonight. the first lady has also appeared on at least nonnews programs since august. only a few days left. we're in a dead even race. what do they get out of spending this time doing these kinds of events? >> well, first of all, you're hopefully reaching people who may not be paying that much attention to politics. "the tonight show" gets about 3 million viewers. there's some expectation that maybe you're reaching a male audience that isn't really politically attuned. maybe even more so than going on the daily show with jon stewart, which is much more politically oriented. so the idea is in a more relaxed atmosphere, have some likability. obama is really good at some comic timing, really good at comic timing. that certainly plays into it, and what is unusual about tonight's appearance is that i'm sure
the president of the united states because he wants us all to succeed, people are going to have to judge for themselves. that's the mitt romney i know. that's why i think mitt romney's running. not to get the 1% to move ahead, but so that everybody can move ahead. create economic opportunity in this country. >> it does seem, based on the video and the video alone, they have made a decision about how they feel about it and what they think he feels about the 47%. so, what does he say to those people who have been affected negatively by it? how does he change their minds that it wasn't exactly what they thought it was? >> well, he looks them in the eye and explains what he wants to do. his vision for the country. what he was trying to convey. if he does that in a very sincere way, if mitt is just mitt, he's going to do just fine. i've been to over 100 events with mitt romney. he's compassionate, confident, passionate, energetic. he's all of these things. if they see mitt romney the way i've seen them, there's no doubt in my mind that mitt romney will be the next president of the united stat
of the united states. >> so, yes. i'm saying that he was dishonest. >> would you say he lied in. >> well, i'm saying that he was dishonest in the answers. you can characterize that any way you want. >> did mitt romney change his positions for that debate? >> you know, this has been the oddest few days, you know, narrative coming out of the democrats, the fact that somehow mitt romney changed what he's been saying for the debate. you know, and the other thing is i find it so childish that if you can't -- if barack obama couldn't find it in himself to call out barack obama on the table and come up with the one liners and the attack lines then, you know, it kind of goes to show you that he didn't bring the a-game to the debate. >> if those two different questions -- >> i'm going to call him a liar now. no. talking about the tax plans at the rallies. he was saying the same things on wednesday night and the other piece about how -- >> let me stop you there. i want to read to you if i can about a fact check about the tax. not cutting taxes for the wealthy. in the primary, cut taxes for everyone i
including the united states, deny millions of women with their fundamental reproductive rights. >> joining me now is the president and ceo of the center for reproductive rights nancy norfolk and actress and singer odd ra mcdonald who was participating in draw the line. good to have you both here. i know you're fired up about this, nancy, why this, why now? >> we thought the center of reproductive rights works around the u.s. and around the world to make sure it guarantees fundamental rights and we're in the courts and legislatures and we realized it was time to turn up the volume and make sure the public comes forward to talk about the fundamental rights they want to see ensured. we need people to stand up for the rights that are theirs and say, hey, enough. in the united states of the government violating women's reproductive rights. >> and there certainly has been a lot in the presidential discourse. why did you get involved. your sister called you and said you should do this. >> it was interesting because right before they released the video and my sister said hey, there's this draw the
faced a president of the united states who was not prepared for the debate or for the new mitt romney. >> well, we saw a new barack obama yesterday on the campaign trail. i'm guessing we're going to see -- >> not new, the same as he's been all along. he just happened to lose that persona. >> different than the debate. >> he lost the persona in the debate. now he seems to have gone back to it. he does much better when he's out campaigning than he does in debates generally. that was the case previously. it seems to be the case now. he, too, needs to be more consistent in terms of how he looks to this electorate, and i presume we're going to see more of the campaigning obama than we saw in that debate, and at the same time he has got to tell a story here that sticks to numbers that are real. i think that if one party and one candidate can really stick to the real tale of where we are economically and how we move forward in this economy that is inhibited by what's happened in the great recession, that honesty might carry the campaign, but i don't think that pie in the sky is going to do i
on foreign policy to talk about. he's president of the united states. i think, you know, the situation was unfortunately and all the information sometimes doesn't come out as timely as people would like because it's the fog of war. but i think people have great confidence in barack obama's abilities on foreign policy and how he's managed difficult situations overseas. >> john, as mitt romney has said president obama didn't level with american people about that. to that quote, here's what david plouffe said over the weekend. >> that is preposterous and really offensive to say that. once information was received, it was distributed. this record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one. >> is there a political danger in going after the president on this? does it look a little opportunistic in a situation where four americans are dead? >> well, we are seeing -- i think paul ryan is right. we're seeing the obama foreign policy dissolve in front of our eyes. we do have all hell breaking loose in the middle east. we have protests, people getting killed in afghanistan. all these situations. an
girls' education. >>> this morning a pentagon official confirm it is united states military sent about 150 members to jordan to help with refugees arriving from syria. he said the team will help jordanians with logistics and planning worth thousands of refugees at that time border. >>> it has been five days since 10-year-old jessica ridgeway went missing on her way to school in colorado. police released this home video to help the public recognize her. sunday her backpack was found six miles away from home. police are now extend tharg er is -- extending their search. >>> jerry sandusky will be moved to a state prison in pennsylvania next week to start serving between 30 and 60 years. he was sentenced yesterday for sexually abusing ten boys. in prison he will be allowed to keep his watch and wedding band but that's practically it. he will be able to watch penn state football but not violent movies. he will also undergo psychiatric evaluation once he is moved. >>> the nationwide meningitis outbreak has now claimed 11 lives and 12th death is being investigated. at least 119 people have go
to remind yourself that one was the president of the united states and one wanted to be. i don't think you could walk away from this thinking these guys were friends or had any level of like for each other. i wonder how that's going to play with voters in ohio or florida. >> sure. in that libya exchange that you just played a moment ago, it was clear that president obama was seething. he -- we talk about how the president doesn't show a lot of emotion sometimes, that he is aloof. not in this debate. he was thanking voters for taking their questions. and happy in moments. at that moment he said mitt romney i am the commander in chief, you are not. i thought that was huge. >> let me play more of the libya exchange. this was one of the hottest moments. >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world that we were going to find out exactly what happened. that this was an act of terror. >> i think it's interesting the president just said something which is that on the day after the attack he went in the rose garden and said this was
that you're proud of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> then he released a statement really late, colin powell is a friend and i respect the endorsement decision he made and i do not doubt that it was based on anything but his support of the president's policies. piers morgan's question was about whether he should leave the party, i do not think he should. may it may not move votes, but does it take mitt romney off message? >> it absolutely does, between this, things like richard mourdock. john sununu will certainly be speaking his mind about a host of issues, you never know what you're going to get sometimes. and this is certainly a headache the romney people don't want to have to deal with which is why you saw their statement distancing themselves so quickly from this right after sununu said that. >> hang around, guys, i want to bring in brad woodhouse, communications director for the dnc. good to see you. >> hi, chris. >> let me read to you something that peggy noonan wrote in "the wall street journal" this morning, she's talking a
are dividing us apart. >> he's asking the president of the united states to get to the bottom why there's this fog around his administration since september 11th. >> i want to bring in matt winter elch and eleanor pike. foreign policy debate would seem to favor the incumbent because he's the commander-in-chief, he's been immersed in all of this for the last four years. matt, what will you be looking for? >> i want to see if romney can put the incumbent on his heels. the incumbent usually has the advantage but it's been a rough month for obama here. the last debate romney completely bungled the libya attack. >> two missteps, one was coming out too early. >> we processed and moved on from. he had a two minute time to really hit the president on this and instead he was talking about israel and about being a strong horse in the middle east. he really screwed it up. it will be interesting to see whether he learns from his mistake and actually comes up with a coaching critique including coming back at the president when the president plays the how dare you accuse me of politicizing this card.
of the united states governor mitt romney. >> that was legendary broncos' quarter john elway introducing mitt romney to a crowd of 5,000 supporters in denver last night. the mile high city is the site of a bipartisan mayor's forum today, 24 hours before the city hosts the presidential debate. joining me denver's mayor michael hancock. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> this is the only debate specifically geared to domestic issues. what based on your conversations with other mayors do these people want to hear from the candidates and they need to address tomorrow night? >> i think it's very important. i believe as we heard in the past, you're going to see and hear two fundamental differences as far as genders are concerned with regard to the american people. the american people want to hear about the issues that matter most to them. those are the issues around jobs, the economy, safety in america. their children and education. the things that really meet the american people where they are. that's why we are also here today and the next 30, 45 minutes where u.s. mayors will get together
the president of the united states? so -- >> let me play for you what rudy giuliani said about those charges by democrats that mitt romney is changing his tune. >> i don't think he's moving to the center. i think he's always been pretty much where he is. it's a question of what you emphasize. to me, governor romney has always been a very sensible businessman who is going to make sensible decisions. i think ideology is important to him, but i don't think ideology overwhelms him. >> is this the same mitt romney as he describes? because some republicans are suggesting that it smacks of desperation and they think it's unpresidential that the campaign has been suggesting that mitt romney is a liar. >> i don't think that we can really understand where mitt romney stands on the issues. he talked about not taxing the wealthy. now he says he will tax the wealthy. he talks about energy independence now but didn't support the president on his programs to create alternative forms of energy for our country, which this president did. he talks about tax changes to help business development. who did that? p
president obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the united states as a place where we are all in this together. we're still living through very hard times, but justice, equality, and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in. >>> and if you read only one thing this morning, my must-read is about a very cool study on mice. now, apparently we already knew that mice could sing, although at a pitch too high for humans to hear. now this new study finds that mice actually sing songs with mel d melodies and repeated phrases. the reason why they do it is the interesting part. it's on our facebook page. map has this cool 3d iphone app. they'd be so happy if i could get both. well, you could put them on layaway and pay a little at a time. done, and done! he shoots... he scores!!! touchdown!! [ imitates crowd cheering ] strike! [ male announcer ] shop now. get the hottest toys on your list today, like furby and the itikes discover map... then put it on layaway so you have more time to pay. walmart. [ male announcer ] it's time for medicare open enrollment. are you ready? time to comp
-virginian to support the president of the united states. i do not think it is anti-ve anti-virginian to support him. >> i'm sitting in the midst of it in virginia. this is the fight here. they are trying to gain the middle ground. george allen talks about how tim kaine was dnc chairman, obama's right-hand guy. tim kaine fires back that george allen voted with george w. bush well over 90% of the time. he was the national republican senatori senatorial committee chairman. another race that's within the margin of error and will be right until election day. we don't know what the electorate will look like on election day. that's what it will come down to. is this an electorate that looks like barack obama wants it to look like or one that looks like what mitt romney wants it to look like. the virginia race will very much be affected by that. >> does it say anything about us that we sit at home at night and watch these debates? >> too many c-span channels. >> our tweet of the day from chris matthews. both candidates were funny. obama honored spirit of evening. more a pillow fight than a roast of the oth
the president of the united states, and it is very important for me today now that the winds let up a bit to see it myself so that when i talk to the president later today i can tell him personally exactly what i've seen to give him the full measure of the devastation that's happened to our state. no question in my mind given the reports that i've seen so far that the devastation that's happened to new jersey is beyond what's happened to anyone else, at least from the reports that i've seen so far and that comes as no shock since the storm made landfall here. so i tell the people of the state who are able to listen to this, who have power and are watching in some way, we are going make sure that we do everything we can to get through this as quickly as possible, to restore conditions in the state to normalcy as soon as we can and you can count on the fact that i'll be here and the folks they represent every waking hour to get this going as quickly as we can, but the devastation is unprecedented, like nothing we've ever seen reported before, and so we need to keep that in mind in terms of gauging
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)